Optimizing your website is probably the most crucial step towards a successful web venture. When designing your pages, you must make sure that they will be search engine friendly. How?
Create valuable content. Time is precious for your visitors.
Create an effective and time-saving navigation structure.
Don’t overcrowd your pages with heavy graphics.
Use META tags everywhere, especially in your home page (index.html for example). META tags include:
• Title
• Description
• Keywords
• Rating
• Robots, etc.
There are so many search engines out there that it would take you a lifetime to submit your site to all of them – and in the end – it wouldn’t be worth it! You must submit your site to the most popular search engines only. Once again, doing this individually can take up quite a bit of your time. To ensure top search engine placement in an effective and timely manner, we recommend Microsoft’s Submit It! service at www.bCentral.com. With this tool, you can:
Improve your site with expert search engine optimization advice.
Use their keyword tool to find the best keyword phrases to include on your web pages.
Track your progress by monitoring your search engine rankings.
Check your link popularity and be alerted to broken links.
Get online support 24x7.
This web term actually means making your website so interesting, so entertaining, and so informative that visitors will want to return time after time. Here’s what you can do to create interest for your visitors:
Know your target audience.
Keep the pages simple. Avoid useless graphics and use plenty of white space to convey the image of an organized business.
Make your site interactive. For example, in the case of a financial website, include calculators, loan repayment schedules, etc.
Add or create industry-related articles free of charge.
Provide free e-mail newsletter service. This being said, you must only send solicitated e-mail messages. Never spam.
If necessary, add a message board for your customers and visitors to share their ideas online.
Provide feedback forms to receive customer feedback.
Update your content frequently.
An affiliate program is any type of revenue sharing program where an affiliate web site receives a commission for delivering sales, leads, or traffic to a merchant web site. Affiliate programs are commonly considered those programs that use a pay-per-sale, or, performance-based marketing model. Also referred to as associate, partner, referral, reseller, or sponsor programs. Don’t worry, becoming an affiliate is free! The key here is to find merchants that are in your line of business.

For the best results in affiliate marketing, we recommend www.linkshare.com. LinkShare has pioneered online affiliate marketing, and today runs the largest pay for performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet.

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